CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

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CPD requirements for CCSA/NHA & ASCHP members

Example: One point is equal to 1 notional hour of study/training. This means that a 3 hour seminar can provide 3 CPD points for which a CPD certificate will be issued. 3 Ethics and 3 Wellness CPD points are always compulsory. The total minimum number of CPD’s has been determined as follows:

Number of CPD’s per professional body category

Counsellor in training Student Supportive Counsellor 6 (3 compulsory Ethics and 3 compulsory Wellness)
Institutional Counsellor Supportive level Holistic Counsellor 9 (3 compulsory Ethics and 3 compulsory Wellness)
Counsellor   Wellness Counsellor 15 (3 compulsory Ethics and 3 compulsory Wellness)
Specialist Counsellor Professional level Specialist Wellness Counsellor 18 (3 compulsory Ethics and 3 compulsory Wellness)

Who may attend / purchase the CPD materials?
Any counsellors, social workers, psychologists and health practitioners, pharmacists and teachers, etc.



The CPD’s are normally offered in units of three points per sessions (i.e. a three hour session) Units of 1 and 2 CPD’s are also available. Members pay for the CPD upon order and will receive the training material plus assignment to be completed. Assignments can be mailed or e-mailed to the Liedani CC who serves as a CPD Service Provider, to be marked. The CPD certificate is issued within 1 week after submission. Members who attend training sessions (offered from time to time) will be assessed in class according to a specified schedule overseen by the group leader.



We recognise all formal and informal CPD training for CPD points. These points should be recorded against your name each year by using the applicable application form. It can be downloaded here:

C101 - CPD Registration Form 2022
CPD Programme 2022
C102 - Recognition of External CPD Points

Or it can be requested from the CPD office at cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za


Process of application for CPD certificates:

  • Upon completion of the assignment the member will submit it to cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za
  • The procedure is to submit the ASCHP CPD assessment form that includes the personal details and copy of ID per candidate. Please request the forms from the office.
  • The CPD certificates will be directly issued to the candidate within seven days upon submission and in meeting all the admin requirements.
  • Candidates who successfully complete the CPD training, will receive a CPD certificate from the ASCHP stating the following: CPD topic, date and number of points.

Recognition of external CPD’s.
Candidates who complete CPD training at other accredited CPD (such as social services professional body) providers other than the ASCHP, may apply for recognition of external CPD’s on the application form that is provided for this purpose. A admin fee per CPD point is payable for recognition of these CPD’s. This amount payable will be indicated on the invoice which will be issued to the applicant. The form can be requested cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za or download it here.

We do not approve exemption however if you are a registered student for an accredited qualification you can apply for external CPD points. Kindly request this form from the CPD office at cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za or download it here

Registration of CPD’s.
Every member of the ASCHP is responsible to see to it that his/her CPD training is registered on the system at the ASCHP office. Annual audits are being done to ensure that members comply with this stipulation.

Calculation of CPD’s for new members.
New members will only be required to complete the number of CPD points for the remainder of the year since date of their first registration. This means that Supportive Counsellors should complete 6 CPD points per annum, will need to complete 1 CPD point for every two months since day of registration to the end of December of that year. Holistic Counsellors are required to do 1 CPD point for every month left since date of registration as member till 31st December.

Bill Brown registers as Supportive Counsellor on 14 June. We count from July (full month) to December which amounts to 6 months. Divided by 2, means that he now only has to complete 3 CPD’s before the end of that year. Sue Green registers as Holistic Practitioner in October and we count November and December which gives 2 months. She only has to do 2 CPD’s before the end of the year.

CPD training options:

This means class attendance of a workshop offered by a CPD provider. The advantage of class attendance is that attendees are normally assessed in class and hence do not have to complete assignments required by those members who do the distance training (unless the CPD programme requires practical work). ASCHP Workshops: In certain areas facilitators may apply for registration to offer ASCHP CPD’s at workshops.

Via correspondence:
The ASCHP also provides CPD training to its members. A CPD bank is available and the list of available CPD’s can be obtained at the office or find it here on the website. Candidates may then purchase any available CPD programme, ordering can be done via internet. After receiving it the member will work through it and do the prescribed assignments. The assignment can then be either faxed, emailed or posted to be marked, after which your CPD certificate will be issued.

CPD Training cost for residential CPD training:

The ASCHP can make a recommendation for fee structures but do not specify or control what private CPD providers charge. Residential candidates may be required to pay additional fees to cover facilitators costs and refreshments and venue costs.

Any qualified counsellor/psychologist may apply to become a CPD provider for the ASCHP. Members should then purchase the modules first and then attend the arranged/organized sessions to gain their points. Class assessment will take place and no written assignment is then required.


  • At least a relevant Bachelor qualification such as Psychology or Health Care, but preference will be given to candidates with post graduate qualifications;
  • Preferably be registered as an assessor or trainer
  • The availability of a venue (and catering) at own cost
  • Access to a printer to have additional material printed at own cost (The training material is purchased at Liedani CC and then the member can attend these sessions.)

Contact numbers and officials

Zodwa Ngobeni (Registrar)
Marike Gower (Receptionist)
Elsie Teffo (Administration)

Cell: 012 111 9002 / 082 907 4327 (no sms function)
Fax: 086 632 5232

Dr Liezl Herholdt (CEO)
Email: info@aschp.net
P O Box 14189, Sinoville 0129

To enrol for these CPD courses, please contact the office at cpd.liedani@synergetica.co.za to register.